Intuitive Love Readings Masterclass is a 5-module program that teaches you how to do accurate love readings

This Masterclass will teach you...

  • How to do different kinds of love readings using both tarot and oracle cards.

  • How to use your intuitive gifts to interpret the cards!

  • How to put your readings in the right context and see the nuance in the cards.

  • Which and what decks are most suitable for love readings.

  • How to prepare yourself and your decks before a reading and how to wind down afterward.

  • Useful tips and tricks you NEED to know when it comes to channeling and interpreting your cards.

  • And much more!

The course is perfect for both beginner and intermediate card readers.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Start Here!

    • Your Tarot Journal & Tarot Spread Templates

    • My Oracle Decks

    • 1-1 Zoom Consultation

  • 2

    Prepare For Your Readings

    • How To Choose The Right Deck For Your Readings

    • How To Shuffle Tarot & Oracle Cards

    • Card Reading Rituals

    • Advice From The Coach

  • 3

    Tarot Tutorials

    • Video Tutorial: Past/Present/Future

    • Video Tutorial: Union Energies

    • Video Tutorial: Feelings & Actions - Headspace, Heartspace, Spirit & 3D

    • Video Tutorial: What Needs To Be Healed?

  • 4

    Thank You!

    • Some Final Words...

Level up your tarot reading practice with this Intuitive Love Reading Masterclass

Here's a sneak peak of one of the tutorials in the Masterclass:

Hi, I'm Karin

I’m an intuitive tarot reader and oracle deck creator. I started reading cards a few years ago, and it’s been a love story ever since! Now I’m committed to helping others tune in to their intuitive gifts, and to discover the spiritual world. Many of the readings I have done for my 1-on-1 clients are love readings, and based on that work I have created special tarot spreads suitable for different kinds of love inquiries, and now I want to share these with you!

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  • Video tutorials showing you a step-by-step process on how to do intuitive love readings using four different tarot spreads.

  • An easy to read, printable PDF document containing ALL tarot spreads templates in an ink-friendly format.

  • A printable Tarot Journal with all the included tarot spreads and room for notes and reflections. Both documents come in US Letter and A4 format.

  • An exclusive opportunity to book a discounted 1-on-1 Zoom consultation with me on how you can improve your card reading practice - save $20 USD!!

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